How long is the consignment period?

The consignment period is 60 days.

What happens after the 60-day period? 

After 60 days, you can pick up unsold items or have them further reduced until sold.  Prices determined by Home Again Consignments.

What % will I receive for my item? 

You will receive 60% of the sale.

How do I know what the item(s) will be priced at? 

We will price the items based on our knowledge and past selling experience.  Prices are largely determined by brand, condition, style, and demand.

Where do I send photos of items I would like to sell? 

Please email your photos to homeagain4u@yahoo.com.

I have several large pieces.  Can you come to my location to view the items? 

Yes.  We can set up an appointment to look at items when there are multiple or larger items.

Are there items you don’t accept? 

Please contact us for more information regarding items you wish to consign.

Do I have to bring items myself to the store? 

Yes, you are responsible for getting your items to our store.  We can give you a referral for a delivery company if needed.  Some conditions allow for a deduction of the delivery fee from your sale.