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Home Again now brings more choices to our customers.
We are pleased to offer new Coaster brand furniture. A fine line of affordably priced, sofas, loveseats, and armchairs.

Coaster Sofa • Item C1 (SOLD)

Coaster Sofa Loveseat • Item C2 (SOLD)

Coaster Bench • Item C3 (SOLD)

Coaster Sofa • Item C4

Coaster Sofa Loveseat • Item C5

Coaster Armchair • Item C6

Coaster Sofa • Item C7

Coaster Accent Chair • Item C8

Coaster Storage Ottoman • Item C9

Coaster Sofa • Item C10

Coaster Side Chair • Item C11

Coaster Bench • Item C12 (SOLD)